Week 15- Artist Interview -Elia Murray


    Elia Murray’s pieces in today’s galleries instantly caught my attention because of the fun quirkiness aspects of her drawings and paintings.My favorite pieces in Murray’s show today were definitely the two circus acts. They were just really fun and they reminded me of various children books and animated films from my childhood. When Murray was asked where she finds her inspiration for her art, her answer was everywhere. She explained that the photo of the trout was actually inspired by a poem she read in a class she took and was inspired by the visual images that popped into her head while reading it and the piece of the doctor with the little girl was inspired by a health article that she had read. That is seriously so cool that one can be inspired artistically by words from an article or poem. It’s like bringing the words to life. She also explained that this can be frustrating because it is nearly impossible to make something exactly how you visualized it which I can definitely understand. That’s what frustrates me so much, whenever I try to create anything artistically inspired it never turns out the way I want it to and I end up giving up because of the frustration. That’s why I have always had a special admiration for artists because it really is not easy and takes a special person. Another thing that Murray shared that I admired was the fact that she has decided to not get a job this summer to place all of her focus on her career of being an artist. That would be so scary but in order to succeed that sort of determination and confidence is necessary! It’s not easy giving up that motive of making money to focus on doing what you really love to do. Elia Murray was definitely a great artist to be the last artist interview of this semester!


Week 14- Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak


Today in the Gatov West Galler, there was a group show called “Liminal”. Liminal means of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. Although all of the pieces displayed in the show hold many different qualities, they were all created by someone who has gone through transitional periods which they have used to create their art. The artist whom I got the chance to hear from was Yireh Elaine Kwak. Kwak is standing next to her painting in the last picture above. While listening to discuss her art and being an artist, I thought it was very cool to hear her talk not only about the process of creating and painting but also a lot about her perspectives on life in general. She discussed the meaning of the collaboration shows and what it means to work on a show like this with a bunch of her peers. She shared that they are all extremely close and although they are mostly friendly together they are comfortable enough to be honest with eachother when it comes to their work and art and sometimes maybe even a little harsh. This reminded me a lot of a family, you can be honest with one another without jeopardizing the relationship. Relationships like that would provide such a safe place while creating something like art and would be really cool to have with fellow classmates.
Kwak related the title of the show to the transitioning all of them will be doing from art students into real life artists, which is definitely an important factor to realize in a Senior show. I’m assuming this is the biggest transition of all of their lives and they must be so proud to show their last works in a show here at CSULB one last time together.
Kwak’s painting was a landscape and it was different from most other landscapes that I have seen due to the use of her colors. There were a lot of colors that typically are not found in landscapes such as pinks and purples in the actual green parts of the painting. I thought it was really cool to hear that her landscape pieces represent her home and her family because that’s not something that is obvious to the viewer and makes the painting a lot more meaningful and sentimental.
Kwak was asked if she does any other type of art or creative process besides art and she claimed that she tries to do it all! She sketches and draws and even tries out theater! She claimed that she is inspired by any and all art and also makes sure to never close herself off to any creative process because they all make her happy! I think this is important to keep in mind no matter what you choose to do. It was awesome hearing Yireh Elaine Kwak discuss her paintings because it was very clear that she loves what she does.

Week 13- Artist Interview- Marty Knop

         Due to the fact that last week’s activity was centered around the idea of algorithmic art I thought it would be interesting to hear Marty Knop discuss his show displayed in the Werby Gallery this week! Knop’s work was so incredibly intricate and detailed and it reminded me of all the insane examples of algorithmic art that I had found online while working on last week’s activity. Knop identified the biggest difference between his black and white pieces and colored pieces was that the black and white works leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination and leave people to take what they choose out of the image where as the colored pieces appear a lot more finished. He explained his process of coding and generating the different codes and languages in order to create his generative art. Knop also pointed out that with algorithmic or generative art, it’s a lot different from most other types of art. You have to try out a few different platforms and methods before feeling completely comfortable and instead of just creating something in the moment due to how the artist is feeling or thinking it takes a lot of planning and thinking before hand so that you know what you are doing.

I thought it was really neat to learn that he was actually behind some of the work of Dawn Ertl who had been in the galleries a couple of weeks ago and was also the artist that I chose to interview that week! It turns out that he had helped Ertl create the weather patterns that were used and translated to create her final weavings. He explained that Ertl had an image in her mind and knew what she wanted to do but wasn’t really familiar with the process of coding or creating patterns which is why he helped her. Knop shared that he is really passionate about networking and exchanging resources which is exactly what he and Dawn Ertl had done to create a really cool show.  It made me realize just how much thought and collaboration goes into these shows that we are able to see each week.

Week 13- Classmate Interview : Christen Drake 

 Today I noticed Christen standing alone in one of the galleries and thought she looked so familiar, I had definitely seen her somewhere other than just this class this semester! After we got to talking we finally remembered that it was last semester in math 109! She sat right in front of me! After taking a few minutes to talk about how extremely horrible that class was I learned that Christen is a fashion merchandising major! Hearing her talk about her major and the classes that she is taking made me so jealous! It made me question myself and the fact that I have never even thought about taking fashion classes or majoring in it! It’s really cool because even though she’s not exactly sure what she wants to do once she graduates, she says that everything along the lines of her major would be something that she’s interested in doing so she plans on just seeing what opportunities come up and where they take her! I think that is a really important outlook to have on the future while in college, because instead of stressing and worrying about what’s going to happen at the end of her four years here, she is just taking it day by day and actually enjoying learning and focusing on school. Clothing and fashion took up most of our conversation because after we were talking about the college aspects of her major we got a little off topic and started talking about all of our favorite stores and styles and the best thrift shops in the area! We even exchanged some secret treasures hidden here in Long Beach and the addresses of the best thrift stores and boutiques!

Week 13- Algorithmic Art E.C.


I first tried Jairo Ubeda’s procedural art activity of License Plate Art. I thought this was really interesting and such a creative choice and direction to take the algorithmic art activity from last week! I would have never thought to do something like this! From seeing their own example from doing themselves and considering we are in California I was definitely expecting to find a lot of California License Plates. After driving around for a bit and seeing mostly California plates I noticed that besides California there was a bit from Arizona and Oregon which makes a lot of sense considering they are right next door! I would have never thought this to be a time of art but it was definitely a really neat idea!


Next I chose to try Lizbeth Acosta’s Procedural Art activity! Her activity was much more on the lines of what I think of when I think of procedural or algorithmic and reminded me of a more creative version of my own algorithmic art activity. Considering I am not in Nutrition 132 and did not have a test to study for, I just listened to Pandora until I ran out of skips, which didn’t last very long because I am very particular about what I want to listen to and find myself always clicking the next button while listening to music on pandora which is why most of the shapes that the series of lines had formed were left blank!

The next activity that I tried was Jasmine Barnum’s of text message poetry! Her idea was to take the third word of the last ten text messages you had sent and put them together to form a poem! This reminded me a lot of my remix project when I alternated between taking the first and last word of the titles of a number of Luke Bryan’s songs. I chose to do that for my remix project due to the fact that I thought it was a cool way to take something and make it into something else which is exactly what Jasmine did but for her algorithmic art activity! Following her procedural steps, my poem came out to be: OVER BOY MATERIAL SHE LEFT TOO STOP HOME GUYS BABY. Although it doesn’t really make complete sense it definitely didn’t come out to be total nonsense like I had expected! It may even make enough sense to be interpreted in a few different ways like being a poem about a bad break up or something!


The final procedural activity I decided to try was Christian Posada’s activity of musical drawing. His instructions were to close your eyes and just make a continuous drawing while listening to one of your favorite songs and then coloring it in anyway you choose to. I was listening to Homegrown by Zac Brown Band and think I got carried away a little bit and went on for longer than 30 seconds like what was instructed! I thought this was a neat way to create algorithmic art because in a way the music is inspiring how you move the pen across the paper which creates the end image! This was my favorite activity and I even think that it came out pretty cool! I think it was a good idea to add the music part because it could have been a project where you just close your eyes and draw for 30 seconds but the music definitely adds a fun touch and makes it feel a lot more creative.


My favorite activities have to be our instagram/social photography activity, arts funding/kickstarter activity, and fiber arts/yarn bombing! I enjoyed the social photography activity because it was a really fun and easy way to connect the whole class through instagram by having the students document their daily lives while keeping Art 110 in mind! I enjoyed the arts funding activity because it was really interesting and fun looking at all of the different projects people of all ages from all over are working on or hoping to be able to work on and seeing that they actually reach their goals by receiving donations from showing it on kickstarted! It was mind blowing to see such great ideas and such young people working so hard to be able to make things happen, it was just as mind blowing to also see some very silly ideas that had a lot of help being funded and obviously spoke to certain people! I enjoyed the fiber arts activity solely in just that I think the whole idea of yarn bombing is so cool! The fact that people use a skill such a knitting. crocheting, etc. to add color and life to all kinds of different things is so awesome!

My least favorite activities had to be our very first one of painting and drawing/ Graffiti, remix culture, and sculpture/ plaster casting. The graffiti activity is definitely my least favorite because it was our first real activity and I was just so nervous about it! I can’t even remember how many times I tried to spray paint my name in an attempt to make it look like real graffiti instead of a sloppy spray paint job that was completely unimpressive! I remember being so frustrated that it was coming out like every other piece of graffiti that I have ever seen, but it definitely makes me appreciate the talent and skill that goes into graffiti now when I see! The remix culture was also a bit hard for me because it was one of the more creative activities and sometimes I have a difficult time being very creative. Lastly, the sculpture activity was not one of my favorites because I had to spend $8 on a 4 lb carton of plaster and a freezing day at the beach, but besides that it actually was a pretty cool activity!

I liked the routine of this class, I liked knowing what to expect as far as on tuesdays we typically discussed where we are at in the class as far as points progress and what we need to expect in the future such as the activity of the week and then spending thursdays in the SOA courtyard. I also like the routine of having to post the same 3 posts every week. Although towards the beginning of the semester I dreaded having to have two conversations every week, I completely understand why we do it. I have met so many new people in that class alone and it is so nice seeing familiar faces around such a big campus and as far as the artist conversations go, its been so cool to be able to look at all kinds of different art and then also getting the chance to discuss it with the artist and hear their thoughts behind it. It’s neat that this class is made up of a routine that is the same every week but also is so very different each week with the varying activities and conversations!

Week 12- Activity: Algorithmic Art

STEP 1: start diving piece of paper into triangles of all sizes

STEP 2: once the paper is made up entirely of different sized triangles, start alternating between shading in and coloring the triangles. Leave the remaining triangles white or color in with a new, different color.

This was one of many attempts at trying procedural/algorithmic art! Looking online at examples, algorthmic is very detail oriented and specific. The combination of not having a steady hand, creative mind and getting frustrated very easily this was not very easy for me to say the least! After trying multiple examples that were much more  complex, I decided to go with a much more basic and simple example. Even this, took most of patience and I was still frustrated with the turn out. The coolest example that I have seen on line is :

The ones created through using a computer are all so intricate and just really cool to look at, almost mesmerizing! This is the first that I’ve ever really heard of algorithmic art and although I have seen it many times I never realized that that was what I was looking at. It’s crazy that such images are created all by using a specific design made up of very specific codes. I would have never thought by looking at these designs how complicated it all truly is!