Week 11- Activity : Plaster Casting 


  I actually went back home this weekend so this project was a great excuse to get my family out to our beautiful central coast beaches ! We ended up at Avila beach which is about a 15 minute drive from my house ! 

My little sisters and mom were a big help but I was getting a little frustrated with them because they didn’t fully understand what I had to do but after probably the 100th time of me explaining it to them I think they got it! My sister was in charge of running down the water when I needed it and my mom was the photographer of the occasion!

We were super surprised by how quickly the plaster set! It only took about 12 minutes to completely harden! I was also surprised by how much bigger the cast was then my actual foot! When I pulled it out from the sand my mom couldn’t stop laughing at how big it was! I was nervous the whole time that it wouldn’t set or that I added too much water to the amount of plaster or that the tide would come  up and ruin the whole process so when I pulled out the set plaster and it worked I was relieved! 


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