Week 14- Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak


Today in the Gatov West Galler, there was a group show called “Liminal”. Liminal means of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. Although all of the pieces displayed in the show hold many different qualities, they were all created by someone who has gone through transitional periods which they have used to create their art. The artist whom I got the chance to hear from was Yireh Elaine Kwak. Kwak is standing next to her painting in the last picture above. While listening to discuss her art and being an artist, I thought it was very cool to hear her talk not only about the process of creating and painting but also a lot about her perspectives on life in general. She discussed the meaning of the collaboration shows and what it means to work on a show like this with a bunch of her peers. She shared that they are all extremely close and although they are mostly friendly together they are comfortable enough to be honest with eachother when it comes to their work and art and sometimes maybe even a little harsh. This reminded me a lot of a family, you can be honest with one another without jeopardizing the relationship. Relationships like that would provide such a safe place while creating something like art and would be really cool to have with fellow classmates.
Kwak related the title of the show to the transitioning all of them will be doing from art students into real life artists, which is definitely an important factor to realize in a Senior show. I’m assuming this is the biggest transition of all of their lives and they must be so proud to show their last works in a show here at CSULB one last time together.
Kwak’s painting was a landscape and it was different from most other landscapes that I have seen due to the use of her colors. There were a lot of colors that typically are not found in landscapes such as pinks and purples in the actual green parts of the painting. I thought it was really cool to hear that her landscape pieces represent her home and her family because that’s not something that is obvious to the viewer and makes the painting a lot more meaningful and sentimental.
Kwak was asked if she does any other type of art or creative process besides art and she claimed that she tries to do it all! She sketches and draws and even tries out theater! She claimed that she is inspired by any and all art and also makes sure to never close herself off to any creative process because they all make her happy! I think this is important to keep in mind no matter what you choose to do. It was awesome hearing Yireh Elaine Kwak discuss her paintings because it was very clear that she loves what she does.


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