Week 13- Artist Interview- Marty Knop

         Due to the fact that last week’s activity was centered around the idea of algorithmic art I thought it would be interesting to hear Marty Knop discuss his show displayed in the Werby Gallery this week! Knop’s work was so incredibly intricate and detailed and it reminded me of all the insane examples of algorithmic art that I had found online while working on last week’s activity. Knop identified the biggest difference between his black and white pieces and colored pieces was that the black and white works leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination and leave people to take what they choose out of the image where as the colored pieces appear a lot more finished. He explained his process of coding and generating the different codes and languages in order to create his generative art. Knop also pointed out that with algorithmic or generative art, it’s a lot different from most other types of art. You have to try out a few different platforms and methods before feeling completely comfortable and instead of just creating something in the moment due to how the artist is feeling or thinking it takes a lot of planning and thinking before hand so that you know what you are doing.

I thought it was really neat to learn that he was actually behind some of the work of Dawn Ertl who had been in the galleries a couple of weeks ago and was also the artist that I chose to interview that week! It turns out that he had helped Ertl create the weather patterns that were used and translated to create her final weavings. He explained that Ertl had an image in her mind and knew what she wanted to do but wasn’t really familiar with the process of coding or creating patterns which is why he helped her. Knop shared that he is really passionate about networking and exchanging resources which is exactly what he and Dawn Ertl had done to create a really cool show.  It made me realize just how much thought and collaboration goes into these shows that we are able to see each week.


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