My favorite activities have to be our instagram/social photography activity, arts funding/kickstarter activity, and fiber arts/yarn bombing! I enjoyed the social photography activity because it was a really fun and easy way to connect the whole class through instagram by having the students document their daily lives while keeping Art 110 in mind! I enjoyed the arts funding activity because it was really interesting and fun looking at all of the different projects people of all ages from all over are working on or hoping to be able to work on and seeing that they actually reach their goals by receiving donations from showing it on kickstarted! It was mind blowing to see such great ideas and such young people working so hard to be able to make things happen, it was just as mind blowing to also see some very silly ideas that had a lot of help being funded and obviously spoke to certain people! I enjoyed the fiber arts activity solely in just that I think the whole idea of yarn bombing is so cool! The fact that people use a skill such a knitting. crocheting, etc. to add color and life to all kinds of different things is so awesome!

My least favorite activities had to be our very first one of painting and drawing/ Graffiti, remix culture, and sculpture/ plaster casting. The graffiti activity is definitely my least favorite because it was our first real activity and I was just so nervous about it! I can’t even remember how many times I tried to spray paint my name in an attempt to make it look like real graffiti instead of a sloppy spray paint job that was completely unimpressive! I remember being so frustrated that it was coming out like every other piece of graffiti that I have ever seen, but it definitely makes me appreciate the talent and skill that goes into graffiti now when I see! The remix culture was also a bit hard for me because it was one of the more creative activities and sometimes I have a difficult time being very creative. Lastly, the sculpture activity was not one of my favorites because I had to spend $8 on a 4 lb carton of plaster and a freezing day at the beach, but besides that it actually was a pretty cool activity!

I liked the routine of this class, I liked knowing what to expect as far as on tuesdays we typically discussed where we are at in the class as far as points progress and what we need to expect in the future such as the activity of the week and then spending thursdays in the SOA courtyard. I also like the routine of having to post the same 3 posts every week. Although towards the beginning of the semester I dreaded having to have two conversations every week, I completely understand why we do it. I have met so many new people in that class alone and it is so nice seeing familiar faces around such a big campus and as far as the artist conversations go, its been so cool to be able to look at all kinds of different art and then also getting the chance to discuss it with the artist and hear their thoughts behind it. It’s neat that this class is made up of a routine that is the same every week but also is so very different each week with the varying activities and conversations!


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