Week 15- Artist Interview -Elia Murray


    Elia Murray’s pieces in today’s galleries instantly caught my attention because of the fun quirkiness aspects of her drawings and paintings.My favorite pieces in Murray’s show today were definitely the two circus acts. They were just really fun and they reminded me of various children books and animated films from my childhood. When Murray was asked where she finds her inspiration for her art, her answer was everywhere. She explained that the photo of the trout was actually inspired by a poem she read in a class she took and was inspired by the visual images that popped into her head while reading it and the piece of the doctor with the little girl was inspired by a health article that she had read. That is seriously so cool that one can be inspired artistically by words from an article or poem. It’s like bringing the words to life. She also explained that this can be frustrating because it is nearly impossible to make something exactly how you visualized it which I can definitely understand. That’s what frustrates me so much, whenever I try to create anything artistically inspired it never turns out the way I want it to and I end up giving up because of the frustration. That’s why I have always had a special admiration for artists because it really is not easy and takes a special person. Another thing that Murray shared that I admired was the fact that she has decided to not get a job this summer to place all of her focus on her career of being an artist. That would be so scary but in order to succeed that sort of determination and confidence is necessary! It’s not easy giving up that motive of making money to focus on doing what you really love to do. Elia Murray was definitely a great artist to be the last artist interview of this semester!


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