Week 13- Algorithmic Art E.C.


I first tried Jairo Ubeda’s procedural art activity of License Plate Art. I thought this was really interesting and such a creative choice and direction to take the algorithmic art activity from last week! I would have never thought to do something like this! From seeing their own example from doing themselves and considering we are in California I was definitely expecting to find a lot of California License Plates. After driving around for a bit and seeing mostly California plates I noticed that besides California there was a bit from Arizona and Oregon which makes a lot of sense considering they are right next door! I would have never thought this to be a time of art but it was definitely a really neat idea!


Next I chose to try Lizbeth Acosta’s Procedural Art activity! Her activity was much more on the lines of what I think of when I think of procedural or algorithmic and reminded me of a more creative version of my own algorithmic art activity. Considering I am not in Nutrition 132 and did not have a test to study for, I just listened to Pandora until I ran out of skips, which didn’t last very long because I am very particular about what I want to listen to and find myself always clicking the next button while listening to music on pandora which is why most of the shapes that the series of lines had formed were left blank!

The next activity that I tried was Jasmine Barnum’s of text message poetry! Her idea was to take the third word of the last ten text messages you had sent and put them together to form a poem! This reminded me a lot of my remix project when I alternated between taking the first and last word of the titles of a number of Luke Bryan’s songs. I chose to do that for my remix project due to the fact that I thought it was a cool way to take something and make it into something else which is exactly what Jasmine did but for her algorithmic art activity! Following her procedural steps, my poem came out to be: OVER BOY MATERIAL SHE LEFT TOO STOP HOME GUYS BABY. Although it doesn’t really make complete sense it definitely didn’t come out to be total nonsense like I had expected! It may even make enough sense to be interpreted in a few different ways like being a poem about a bad break up or something!


The final procedural activity I decided to try was Christian Posada’s activity of musical drawing. His instructions were to close your eyes and just make a continuous drawing while listening to one of your favorite songs and then coloring it in anyway you choose to. I was listening to Homegrown by Zac Brown Band and think I got carried away a little bit and went on for longer than 30 seconds like what was instructed! I thought this was a neat way to create algorithmic art because in a way the music is inspiring how you move the pen across the paper which creates the end image! This was my favorite activity and I even think that it came out pretty cool! I think it was a good idea to add the music part because it could have been a project where you just close your eyes and draw for 30 seconds but the music definitely adds a fun touch and makes it feel a lot more creative.


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