Week 12- Activity: Algorithmic Art

STEP 1: start diving piece of paper into triangles of all sizes

STEP 2: once the paper is made up entirely of different sized triangles, start alternating between shading in and coloring the triangles. Leave the remaining triangles white or color in with a new, different color.

This was one of many attempts at trying procedural/algorithmic art! Looking online at examples, algorthmic is very detail oriented and specific. The combination of not having a steady hand, creative mind and getting frustrated very easily this was not very easy for me to say the least! After trying multiple examples that were much more  complex, I decided to go with a much more basic and simple example. Even this, took most of patience and I was still frustrated with the turn out. The coolest example that I have seen on line is :

The ones created through using a computer are all so intricate and just really cool to look at, almost mesmerizing! This is the first that I’ve ever really heard of algorithmic art and although I have seen it many times I never realized that that was what I was looking at. It’s crazy that such images are created all by using a specific design made up of very specific codes. I would have never thought by looking at these designs how complicated it all truly is!


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