Week 12- Artist Interview- Ashley Sharpe

            After walking through all the galleries, I knew after seeing Ashley Sharpe’s show that I wanted to know more about her and her work! It really was just a fun show! It reminded me a bit of the pop art that has become popular with famous artists such as Katy Perry, but maybe I just made that connection because Katy Perry loves cats and even refers to herself as Kitty Purry! Anyway, back to Ashley Sharpe! When I first walked into the Merlino Gallery, I noticed that to the left there was pink litter box with glittery litters and letters spelling out meow which I thought was a very clever and fun way to introduce her audience to her show.

Ashley shared that she believes art has always been important to her due to the fact that she was an only child and found herself and art kept her occupied and helped her from feeling lonely. She also explained that because she was an only child she always was very fond of animals and had a lot of pets which also relates to her show dedicated to cats!  Sharpe explained that some of the cats she worked with while creating her different works had passed away and that was the reason for the alter consisting of candles that was the first thing you saw when you walked into her show. This sort of shrine was meant to represent a religion of sorts and a spiritual representation of the cats. She also described her show to express her own fantasy world in a different way which is also inspired by the idea that cats can see things that we don’t see. This fantasy world that she talks about goes back to when she was a kid and would get in trouble for doodling things like unicorns and cats on all of her tests and school work.

Being more of a dog person myself, I really liked Sharpe’s show and had a lot of fun looking at all of her interpretations and different takes on the cats!


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