Week 13- Classmate Interview : Christen Drake 

 Today I noticed Christen standing alone in one of the galleries and thought she looked so familiar, I had definitely seen her somewhere other than just this class this semester! After we got to talking we finally remembered that it was last semester in math 109! She sat right in front of me! After taking a few minutes to talk about how extremely horrible that class was I learned that Christen is a fashion merchandising major! Hearing her talk about her major and the classes that she is taking made me so jealous! It made me question myself and the fact that I have never even thought about taking fashion classes or majoring in it! It’s really cool because even though she’s not exactly sure what she wants to do once she graduates, she says that everything along the lines of her major would be something that she’s interested in doing so she plans on just seeing what opportunities come up and where they take her! I think that is a really important outlook to have on the future while in college, because instead of stressing and worrying about what’s going to happen at the end of her four years here, she is just taking it day by day and actually enjoying learning and focusing on school. Clothing and fashion took up most of our conversation because after we were talking about the college aspects of her major we got a little off topic and started talking about all of our favorite stores and styles and the best thrift shops in the area! We even exchanged some secret treasures hidden here in Long Beach and the addresses of the best thrift stores and boutiques!


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