Week 11- Classmate Interview- Lizbeth Acosta 

 Today I had the chance to talk with Lizbeth Acosta! It was definitely the least awkward peer discussion I have had so far this semester! We started the conversation with the usual questions to break the ice such as “where are you from?”, “what’s your major?”, etc and I learned that Liz is also a first year here at CSULB and dorms in Hillside building C. Liz is a kinesiology major and plans to further her education after CSULB to get her masters to become a physical therapist. Most people that I have met who share that career choice usually also share a passion for physical fitness and athletics! I asked her if she had played any sports and learned that she had actually participated in synchronized swimming for many years until she got to highschool where it was not offered and she joined the swim team and competed on that from then on. When I first heard her use the term synchronized swimming I was just imagining regular swimming until she went on to explain it as those ladies we see on the TV in commercials wearing matching swim floral caps and suits dancing in the water. She explained that although it is not really like that at all, it does consist of dancing in the pool with your team to a variety of music! I think that is the coolest thing ever and am actually angry that I didn’t know about that until now! What a fun way to stay active and in shape! I also learned that Liz just got a job at our amazing rec center! It’s neat that she was able to get a job working in an environment that really relates to her future goals.

After talking to Liz for nearly all of the class period, I completely forgot that we were even talking for our class interview, it just really felt like a real natural conversation. We even stayed a while after class talking about this one brand of swim suits that has a trunk show here in Long Beach this weekend! After today’s class I feel as if I made a friend and now I have someone to go to the beach with and make a plaster model of my feet with! Yay!


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