Week 10- Classmate Interview- Serena Carvajal


Today was one of my favorite conversations that I have had with a classmate so far! I talked to Serena Carvajal who actually dorms in Los Cerritos as well and is not only on the same floor as me but just a couple rooms down! Although we run into each other multiple times a day we have never really gotten past the usual greeting of “Hi, how are you?”. I can’t believe that it has taken us this long to have a real conversation! When I walked up to Serena today she was talking to a few other Art 110 students about what seemed to be boy troubles. This was a very easy topic to jump into! I learned that Serena is actually a Long Beach local and has lived here her whole life! She made the decision to dorm because she wanted to get the feeling of being away while also having the convenient perks of living only a few minutes away. Serena’s dream school was Cal Poly Pamona which I can relate to because my dream school is Cal Poly SLO. She decided on long beach though and she is so glad that she did. She explained Long Beach to be the perfect college because of its wide variety and huge diversity seen in the student body! I couldn’t agree with this anymore!

Serena is majoring in Civil Engineering and when I asked her why I expected the usual response that I always seem to hear when I ask that question: “Because I want to get a good job that will make me lots of money.” But instead, Serena answered with how much she loved it. It was so awesome to see her face light up while talking about her major. She went on and on to explain her interest in her major and future career which is really neat, and I find rare, to hear. She shared that she wants to work in civil engineering and maybe even gain a high position in construction management. She has always loved to build things and put things together and when she joined the ACE program (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) program at her high school which then landed her a summer internship at Long Beach Port where she worked along side real civil engineers and professional it only confirmed it and reassured her more that this is what she wanted to do. It’s great talking to someone so young with so much experience under their belt already and such confidence in their plan, especially being someone who is constantly questioning everything I do or plan to do.

While Serena and I were talking about the dorming situation and our hall, it came to our attention that her current roommate was actually supposed to be my current roommate’s roommate! She switched last minute which landed me a spot off of the dorm waiting list and into a real dorm! What a small world huh!? It’s funny to hear how and why things worked out the way that they did! If her roommate hadn’t switched last minute then I could have ended up being Serena’s roommate which I wouldn’t have minded at all! Serena was a very easy person  to talk to and unlike some class conversations there was never an awkward pause or silence. Even if we got off topic the conversation kept rolling and now maybe bumping into each other in the hallway, bathroom, dining hall, etc won’t just consist of a “Hi! How are you?”


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