Week 10 – Artist Interview- Dawn Ertl


When Dawn Ertl came into class on Tuesday and shared a few words about her show in the galleries this week, I was instantly excited and curious to see them! Today, having the chance to view her work I became even more interested and curious! When she shared that she used the waves of sound from a piece of music as inspiration to make one of her pieces, I was so intrigued! I don’t know how anyone could ever come up with such an idea! It’s really cool to think of artists using one form of art, such as music, to create another piece of art that is so different such as weaving. The first thing I noticed about Ertl’s work were the colors! There were so many of them incorporated in all of the pieces and together they created a very whimsical vibe to me. It’s not surprising to me at all that each of her pieces took around 6 months to create, you can really tell that there was a lot of dedication and time put into her work which makes viewing it even that much more special. It’s such a cool opportunity as a student to get to share such a big moment for artists such as Ertl who is displaying her last show at CSULB with a display that she has worked very hard on and that is very important to her. I think the most interesting thing to me personally about Ertl’s woven pieces is the message behind them. To use environmental issues also as inspiration to get a message across by her art is a really cool way of taking a stand and saying something important. She wants to get across that our relationship to the environment is very important and it’s very important that we treat it nicely and that we treat each other nicely.
It amazed me how the pieces in the second picture posted above, first had to be made as patterns on paper which were also displayed in the gallery (third picture posted above) and consisted of extreme detail and lots of color. They were all titled after different weather conditions such as “humidity” or “wind direction” and after I was aware of this fact I looked at the pieces differently. It made a lot more sense to me because they really did portray works of mother nature like the wind and rain. When Dawn Ertl shared and discussed her art with us today, I really saw a lot of passion and pride in her art which makes viewing the art in these galleries such a cool and unique experience, especially being someone very unfamiliar with art galleries and such.


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