Week 10- Activity- Student Choice



Unlike many kids my age, my first official college spring break was not a 1o day getaway in florida spent on the beach ending up in young regret. Instead I spent my spring break in a chair next to my dad’s hospital bed. With all of the stress that comes from having a sick parent, I didn’t think about anything this week except my dad and the rest of the family. Before I even realized it, it was already Friday and easter 2 days away. Holidays are always a huge deal in my household and my mom always makes sure that Santa or Cupid or the Leprachauns, or in this case the Easter Bunny is extremely good to my siblings and I. This year she found herself way too busy and overwhelmed with the serious decline in my dad’s health that I had to take on a lot of the responsibility and even helped in the role of being the Easter Bunny. Tonight my little sister and I died easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for us to find in the morning, and although the rest of my family was either too busy or felt too cool for easter eggs we had a blast! It also gave me the idea to use the idea of yarn bombing in our activity a few weeks ago and add some color to my dad’s hospital room for the holiday. Being so sick and away from home and your family is never easy, but I can imagine that it’s especially hard and sad to be away during the holidays when you’re used to spending it enjoying the day with your wife and kids. My sister and I then decided to bring some of our Easter decorations from home to my dad and spruce up the blinding white room that my dad has grown so tired of. I can’t wait for Easter and to bring a little piece of home into room 212 and cheer up my dad!


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