Week 9- Peer Interview – Lacey Alaniz

Today I got to chat with Lacey Alaniz! Lacey is actually in another one of my classes and besides asking about the homework or other subjects relating to the class we have not gotten the chance to know eachother until today! It was actually really funny, as we got to talking we realized that we both dorm in Hillside! Although I reside in Hillside Los Cerritos and she lives in Hillside Los Alamitos, I couldn’t believe that we had not seen or run into eachother! I mean we have been living here for almost 8 months now and I had no idea that she lives right across the parking lot from me! It just goes to show what a big campus this is and how many students go to school and even live here! While on the subject of dorming we both agreed that we are definitely growing tired of the dining hall food. But Lacey’s lucky because she’s actually from Huntington beach so she gets to go home for some home cooked meals pretty often! Lacey is also a first year and because it is so close to her home, she has just grown up always planning to come here! She is currently majoring in History. She is actually the first and only person I know that is a history major! She has chosen to change to a marketing major because she feels that she will have more opportunity that way and due to the fact that her dad is in medical sales she can potentially have a job fresh out of college which is super reassuring! I was telling Lacey about Nacimiento Lake, the lake where EVERYONE from my home town spends their summer and she shared that her family actually has a house on the Colorado River which makes me so incredibly jealous! She says her family spends a lot of their summers there and it sounds like such a fun family vacation place!

It was definitely nice talking to Lacey and now having a friend in not just art 110 but also our comparative world literature class!


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