Week 9- Artist Interview- Michael Rollins 

Michael’s abstract pieces were the most interesting to me out of all of the galleries today and I was super bummed when he was not there at first! Because all of his pieces were very abstract, I wanted to hear about what they mean to him and how he creates these pieces of art! When I checked his gallery one last time before leaving I saw that he was in there and went up to join the conversation with him and a couple of other art 110 students. When I walked up to the conversation, he was explaining that these were his default ways of making a picture. While he’s painting, they always end up being a spiral like image, almost even like a vortex. His favorite piece is the one displayed in the first picture of this post, it is the one that started it all for him so it holds a bit of sentimental value to him. His first year in school was mostly based on drawing. He drew with very specific ideas in mind and knew exactly what he wanted to draw and how he wanted to draw it. He then decided that it was time for him to move on and so he took a chance with painting. He tried to break past the point of working with a specific style in mind… and even though he was changed to working with abstract art he still tends to hold certain similarities and characteristics like the colors and abstract syle presented in all of his paintings. He explained that sometimes you just can’t break certain expectations  that you hold for yourself! I thought it was so cool when Michael was explaining his process of painting. He stated that sometimes while working on a painting it just flows and he knows exactly what to do following each stroke but then there are other times where he has no idea and has to put the paint down for a while and let the last stroke just sit there while he thinks and figures out what it is that he wants to do next. That just showed me how much thought and time goes into each one of his abstract paintings! Michael shared that art has always been important to him and been there throughout his whole life. He went to art school and started out as an illustration major because he thought it was the most practical and best option to go into to get a job. He took the risk of changing his plan for his own future and I think that is so brave! It’s scary drifting away from the plan that you have had for yourself which may be the most practical in order to try something new and more exciting.  Michael is from Arizona and I found it interesting that the reason he left was because you don’t see any big contemporary art scenes in Arizona, or at least not like you do here! He is about to get his graduate degree in MFA which is such a big accomplishment and so exciting for him!



  1. Glenn Zucman · March 24, 2015

    Hi Summer!

    I can’t give you any points for this post because it is tagged wrong. You tagged it “merlino-gallery” but it is actually in “gatov-west” (without quotation marks)

    It is very easy to know what gallery you are in, the names are in giant letters on top of the doors. The tags are the same every week and every week I list them in my post to the class.

    THIS WEEK ONLY, you can fix this and I will give you credit. Please delete the incorrect “merlino-gallery” tag, add the correct “gatov-west” tag, and then reply to this comment when you’re ready to have me look at your post again.



    • summer knight morgan · March 24, 2015

      Professor Zucman,
      I apologize for my mistake! I must have gotten confused because I had taken notes on a different artist at the beginning of class before talking to Michael Rollins and confused the galleries! I fixed it and appreciate you allowing a redo! Thanks so much!


      • Glenn Zucman · March 24, 2015

        thanks Summer, unfortunately the tag is still slightly wrong, you have “gatov-gallery-west” which is not one of our tags, the correct tag is “gatov-west”


      • summer knight morgan · March 24, 2015

        Oh darn it, I have fixed it one last time but understand if you cannot give me the points for the post ! Thankyou!


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