Week 8- Classmate Interview- Randa Jaber

This Thursday I met Randa! I was sitting on the stone benches outside of the galleries when she approached me and asked if I wanted to talk! Randa is from Downey which I learned is only 20 minutes away! You think since I have been attending a commuter school for almost a full school year that I would be used to meeting people from the area that commute back and forth to school but it never fails, whenever I meet someone from the first time and they tell me they are from the are it still suprises me! I just guess I can’t really imagine commuting back and forth from school everyday since my only experience has been living here in the dorms. Randa is a second year and is majoring in civil engineering! She says that she wants to work in transportation engineering because that’s what she’s good at and really gets. I asked her if that’s what she enjoys though and she said not very much! I wish everyone was able to major in something that would lead them into a career that they really liked! Randa has a younger brother who is fifteen years old and that was super fun to talk about because I have siblings around the same age and I love talking about my siblings and family! She loves to just hangout with her friends and watch netflix which I think not only can I relate too but pretty much every college student!!


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