Week 8 – Artist Interview- Macabee Shelley and Brian 

In Gatov Gallery West, there was an art show like nothing I had ever seen before! I’m still not really sure what to think of it! It was so extremely different from all the other shows and exhibits we have seen over the past 8 weeks but it was so cool! I think the artist’s take on this was really interesting and so creative. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the photo booth that was set up. Macabee Shelley explained that we are all free to use it to take our own photos and then shared that the slideshow on the t.v. screen next to it was made up of all the pictures that had been taken by people visiting the gallery. I thought this was a really cool idea because it lets the viewers and audience be a part of the show in a much bigger way than just observing it. Macabee Shelley put it as “You guys are making the art in this case”. I also thought the time lapse videos that were constantly projected onto the walls of the artists’ days of setting up was really neat because it displayed all of the work that was put into this show. Macabee Shelley referred to the term Geomancy as an inspiration to a lot of his work and he was then asked where he got that idea and he said that he had actually learned about it through a blog post written by a student in Art 110! He thought it was so interesting after further researching it which is awesome because how cool is it that an artist is using input and thoughts from his audience of students to inspire more art work! He referred to is glass pieces that we had seen in one of our first visits to the art galleries while talking about geomancy and how cool it is that even as the artist, you never know exactly how things are going to turn out but makes it that more interesting because results always open up the mind. He explained this room, although may have a lot going on at once, is really meant to create an experience for us and thats why there are couches and cushions to sit on and actual books to read. It’s meant to bring people together.


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