Week 8- Activity- Remix 

When thinking about this week’s project, it took me a while to think of something that I could remix. After thinking for a while I finally decided to remix a number of Luke Bryan’s song titles. He is one of my favorite artists and my best friend and I are finally going to get to see him in concert and it’s been all that I can think about because I am SO excited. Country music is my absolute favorite genre and I can’t just get enough of it and Luke Bryan is one of the most talented artists currently and I also can not get enough of him.

Drunk on You

Been There Done That

Play it Again

Country Girl

Everytime I see you

I Don’t Want This Night to End

I Know You’re Gunna be There

In Love With a Girl

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Love in a College Town

Little Bit Later On


Crash My Party

Drink a Beer

Just a Sip

Shake the Sand

She Get Me High

You Don’t Know Jack

That’s My Kind of Night

Play, Drunk, Done, Everytime

I kiss Girl I end

Girl Shakes, Crash Buzzkill

Little Town, Just Beer

High Night, You

I took the first or last word alternating down the list of song titles and rearranged them in a way that they could tell a story in the best way possible! I found it interesting because each of the words display major themes that Luke sings about  and when they are all put together in a way, it summarizes Luke’s music.  He sings about heartbreak but also Love and mentions drinking quite a bit. What I think was failed to be displayed was also the good times and up beat music that he makes. These words displayed more of a sad tone rather than an up beat and positive vibe that is so often expressed through Luke’s music.


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