Week 7- Classmate Interview- Angelica Palad 

Today I talked to Angelica Palad! She is from Central Valley and when I told her that I was from a small town called Orcutt located up north she was not familiar with the area at all! I tried to give her some sort of idea and clarified that it was right outside a town called Santa Maria which she then figured out is where her roommate is from! I was so shocked to learn that her roommate is from the same area as I am because it’s a fairly small area and It just surprised me that there was someone from my old stomping grounds also at CSULB that I didn’t even know! What a small world huh!? We found that one of the biggest things we have in common was where we come from! Smaller towns where agriculture and farming is a big deal, so it has been such a huge adjustment here in the big city! She loves it though! Angelica said what I nice change it has been leaving her farm town for the city life and seems to be adjusting very well!  I am the complete opposite and am missing my little quiet town so much! Another thing that we found we have in common is that we come from big families! Well, I thought I came from a big family until I heard that Angelica has 6 sisters! I can’t even imagine! I have 4 siblings and being in family of 7 has meant many years of nothing but chaos ! Having a family of 9 with all sisters would be insane! We both agreed that although it definitely can be annoying, we love having big families but it definitely makes being away from home a lot harder , especially having a bunch of younger siblings! Angelica has a 3 year old sister and she said that it makes her a little nervous being away because she doesn’t want to miss her growing up and she doesn’t want to be a stranger to her little sister since she’ll be away for longer periods of time now that she’s in college ! It was definitely nice talking to Angelica today because it’s so comforting talking to someone who shares some of the same background as I do!


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