Week 7 – Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo 

I almost missed going into this gallery and I am so glad that I didn’t and realized I had walked right past it. Even before talking to Juliette and hearing what she had to say about her work, I felt drawn to her work. Her pieces instantly made me feel emotional and that is the first time that has happened this semester! At first glance, I could see that all of the pieces were alike in the way that they were photographs of people in the military, but each one had a figure cut out and in that spot you could just see the white background from the ball behind the picture. I instantly was curious to why these figures were cut out and maybe thought that they were photos of those who fought for our country and lost their lives doing so which would explain why they had been cut out.

While talking to Juliette, I learned that all of the pieces are actually photographs of her sister and they are very personal to her. She explained that the reason she had decided to cut her sister out of each of the photos is to represent her absence since she has been deployed. Even though the image is not technically visible or even there, it really doesn’t take away from the photo at all and even adds to it. The shape is still there because so is she to her family, her physical being just isn’t present like in the photos. Juliette’s sister lives on a base in El Paso and Juliette explained that it’s been really difficult for her family having her be away and saying goodbye is always so hard. Even though it’s under way different circumstances, I totally understand that! Saying goodbye to people you care about knowing it will be a while before you are reunited with them is always so difficult. Hearing her story behind the photos made me fall in love with this idea! I think it is so cool the way Juliette has chose to show and express how she is missing her sister.

Juliette displayed the photographs in a bit of a timeline which I also thought was very cool! The first couple of pictures were of the very first time she drove her sister and it was just the two of them and then as you walk around the room you see the progress and advancement of this situation. My favorite photos were definitely the ones of her sister hugging all of her loved ones goodbye. Even with her image cut out, you can still catch so much emotion and feeling from looking at these photos and they were so powerful! Juliette said that even though the reason for cutting out her sister of the photos was not a secret and she had specific reasons in mind she also thought it would be cool to see what people took from it at first by giving less to the viewer  to create a sort of confusion which is interesting because it gives a little freedom to the audience to decide what they are looking at first.


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