Week 7- Activity- Portrait Photography “Landscapes with a Corpse” 

Today in class while listening to the description of this week’s assignment and activity I wasn’t too sure about what exactly I was going to do and I didn’t really give it too much thought, figuring that I had a few more days to think about it! My friend and I got ready for tonight’s baseball game at Blair Field! We LOVE watching the dirt bags play! We both come from families where baseball is a huge deal, during baseball season everything else becomes very unimportant! I have a younger brother still in high school and this will be the first time ever I’ll be missing his games! He’s getting older and his games are becoming more serious and he’s becoming more talented so it’s a little difficult missing him starting pitching on varsity. To make being away from home at this time a little bit easier I have been going to all of the Dirtbags’ games and they are so fun! When I was sitting there watching tonights game, 3 1/2 hours in to the game, my day ran through my head and I thought, hey! I wouldn’t really mind spending my last few moments on earth watching baseball! After the game I had my friend, Sarah, take a few pictures of me “dead” on the bleachers with Blair Field proud behind me! She wanted a picture also so I snapped a few of her also! It was kind of strange pretending to be dead while being photographed, but then again I figured it would be!


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