Week 6- classmate interview- Kelsey Lewis 

Today I met Kelsey Lewis, also a freshman and in her first year here at CSULB! I learned that she dorms in Los Alamitos which is the dorm right across from Los Cerritos hall where I dorm! We’re basically neighbors yet we have never met or even seen each other! That’s so weird to think about, that there are so many kids literally living steps away from me that I have yet to meet! Kelsey is from Modesto which is up north! Although she comes from a few hours farther north than I do we both agreed that coming down south and experiencing the city life couldn’t be more different than where we come from! We also agreed that the dining hall food is getting really old really fast! Kelsey shared that although she misses home sometimes, she loves the independence that she has here at school living on her own and meeting new people! When I asked Kelsey if she’s missing home, she said that she misses her friends the most and doesn’t really mind being away from her family too much! Although I miss my friends so much it’s killing me being away from my family which I don’t think is really the normal reaction after weeks of interviewing classmates who love the freedom and independence that being away from home brings. Kelsey loves it here so much that she actually has to decided to stay here during spring break instead of going home! To me that is literally insane! I actually have a countdown on my phone until spring break when I’ll finally get to go home for a good chunk of time!

Kelsey said that she chose to come to CSULB because it really had everything that she was looking for. A nice change from north to south, her ideal weather, all majors she showed interest in, and far enough away from home to feel like she went away. It’s nice talking to students who show so much confidence in their choices, especially big ones like where they are going to school!


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