Week 6- Artist Interview – Emily Babbette 

Emily’s drawings that we got the chance to view this week were extremely different from anything we’ve seen in the past weeks and I actually think they may be my personal favorite so far! Because they were done in just black and white they were alot darker than any other pieces I have seen so far during this semester, but the detail was so incredible and they were just so good! I learned that Emily was originally a theater major before she switched to become an art major which I definitely think was the right choice judging from her art work! She had done some art work before but before her decision to transfer to Long Beach and major in art she never really took it too seriously. Before attending CSULB, she went to CSUSM which is only a little bit farther south! A good friend of mine actually goes there! Anyways, Emily then went on to study abroad in England which is really so cool to hear all about! She says that her time abroad in England is responsible for discovery of her passion for art! She would travel to all kinds of art museums during her time there and it made her fall in love with art and she found her passion. She said that although she always enjoyed drawing she never thought it would become something that she took so seriously but that one day it just kinda clicked. She says that the techniques displayed in the multiple pieces she chose to show in the gallery are more rewarding due to the fact that they are much more challenging!

It was super cool listening to Emily talk about her time abroad because her face just lit up and you could tell how much she enjoyed her time and experiences in England! She recommended taking time to study abroad because it really is life changing and just such a great opportunity for students! She loved it so much she wants to go back soon! When talking to people and students who have taken the chance to study abroad it makes me want to so much and really gets me thinking about it and I start to see it as a real possibility for me one day! I also thought it was super cool when Emily shared that the drawing of the girl leaning on the sofa was actually her sister! It’s neat that people can use their talents to connect to the people in their lives like Emily did by drawing her sister and her friends in these drawings!!


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