Week 6 – Activity- Yarn Bombing 

^ above, a photo of the FA2 upstairs

 I actually tried crocheting for a couple of weeks back when I was probably in the fourth grade because my best friend had learned and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! She had made it look so easy, but for some reason I just could not get it! I’ve tried multiple time since then but I’ve always gotten so frustrated with my clumsy hands that I give up and lose interest before I show any real progress! That’s why while watching the videos on yarn bombing that were showed in class on Tuesday were actually extremely impressive! It would require so much time and patience to crochet over a whole car! There’s no way that I could ever finish that job, let alone make it look so cool! I thought the video of the girl “yarn bombing” the subway for Valentines day was so cute! For someone to take that much time to make something more pleasant and enjoyable for others is so nice to see! You could see from the video that she really was making people’s days by just using a hobby of hers to add a little color in something that most people probably dread, like taking the subway. It really shows that it’s the little things that count and can make a person’s day that much brighter!

When thinking about this week’s assignment of yarn bombing I thought it would be cool to use it to add a little color to the dorm building! I used some material from an old sweater that my grandma had actually made me about 2 years ago the sweater was down to its last threads and I still have the matching scarf at least! I wrapped the sweater material around the hand dryer in the bathroom and also around the soap despenser to add a little color to the boring bathroom! Although it didn’t turn out nearly as intense as the yarn bombing in the videos i think it probably added a little color to this dreary weekend in the Los Cerritos dorm bathrooms and most definitely raised some questions over who put some yarn on the bathroom appliances and why they did it!


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