Week 5- Kickstarter-


I clicked on the dance category on kickstarter because I love to dance and I love watching other people dance even more! The very first video I clicked on was definitely not what I was expecting to see at all! It confused me and I could just not grasp the meaning or importance of this idea. It even made me kind of uncomfortable! The lady who was presenting this idea of dancers dancing while cooking seemed very, very passionate about this project which is definitely admirable and gives the project a lot deeper meaning, but I personally would not ever feel connected to contribute to the continuation of this project!


This dance video definitely caught my attention right away! This project is for a youth dance company doing a modern production of The Wizard of Oz which is one of my favorite stories/movies ever! The dance studio in which i spent the last 5 years of my years dancing put on our own production of The Wizard of Oz and although it was much more traditional and represented the original much more accurately, it was by far one of the funnest productions and shows I had ever been a part of. I know that youth dance companies struggle while putting on such productions financially, and think that the money raised for this project would make a lot of children happy along with their community! I think their modern twist is super creative and super cute!!


I chose Fashion as my next category to browse through on kickstarter and found this video! I believe that this idea is definitely a unique one and very different! I think it’s important for young children to identify themselves how they want them to without feeling they have to fit in any certain mold at such a young age and being able to express themselves how they choose! It was super cool to see how successful this project was and made more than 3 times the amount of their goal!


I actually am at a loss for words after watching this kickstarter video! I cannot tell if it is a joke or if someone is actually serious about this project! You should not need a product that allows you touch certain parts of your body in public that definitely should not be touched ESPECIALLY in public! This whole video makes me laugh because I can’t even imagine anyone actually wanting to wear these pants, at least the guys that I know would not be interested in wearing these strange pants! While browsing through the many fashion videos I was most definitely not expecting to find anything like these play pants and I’m so confused that 41 people have actually donated their money to help fund this product which has already raised 28% of its total goal!


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