Week 5- Classmate Interview- Katie Leyba


Today I met Katie Leyba who was such a sweet person to talk to! While talking to her and answering the questions she was asking me, she seemed so genuine while listening and would respond in ways that made it feel like the exact opposite of a peer interview as an assignment and more like a real conversation. I learned that Katie has a twin brother who goes to Long Beach as well which I thought was so cool! It would be a dream of mine to go to college with my brother! Although I do not have a twin, my brother is a little over a year younger than me so we are extremely close and Katie and I definitely related on that fact because she of course is also very close with her brother! She is from Downey which apparently is super close so she commutes and she is finishing her second year here at CSULB! I always get so jealous of those who commute and live with their families so much and they always laugh at me because they think I’m crazy for not enjoying being out of the house and on my own! I hate being so far away from my family so it’s always strange to me to meet people that wish they didn’t still live at home or go to school so close!

Katie is majoring in electrical engineering and wants to use that to get into the biomedical field and work with x-ray machines and other high-tech machines used in hospitals! It’s always super fascinating talking about school with someone who is majoring in a field that is so different than anything I have ever done or even thought about doing! It’s always neat talking to someone who finds something so interesting and worth doing for the rest of their lives that I personally find to be stressful and even kind of boring! Katie was such a nice person to talk to and a great listener!


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