Week 5- Artist Interview- Dianna Franco




When first walking into the gallery displaying Dianna Franco’s work, I wasn’t too sure what exactly I was looking at or even seeing in her art pieces. They were all extremely bright and had a beautiful use of very lively colors but they did not portray any specific subjects or ideas which was interesting and definitely got me thinking. When talking to Dianna about her art I learned that she has been working on these pieces since last summer, summer of 2014 and said that the average time for each piece was about 2 weeks. She said that she would just continue to work on them whenever she had time but would sometimes find herself spending all day painting. That’s super awesome to me that she can just get lost in her art like that. She said she has been interested in art since as long as she can remember and it has always been a passion of hers but began to take it more seriously by taking different art classes at the age of 20.

Dianna was asked if she purposefully doesn’t name her pieces and the answer was yes. Dianna stated that the reason for leaving her art pieces untitled is because of a psychology class she had previously taken which made her realize that she would like to leave them without titles to leave more to the viewers’ imagination. Instead of telling her audience what we are looking at she likes to have them open to interpretation and let who ever is looking at her work decide for themselves what they are looking at! I think that is so fun because instead of just staring at a portrait of someone or a painting of a obvious object or scene, it adds so much to the art viewing experience. She said she watched a lot of outer space videos for inspiration which I definitely could tell how that influenced her paintings. She says she used outerspace for her inspiration because she believes that there is so much more than just whats on the surface of things and says that outer space and the world beyond ours really signifies that.


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