Week 4- The Mina Show




This Weekend My best friend who now lives and goes to school in Arizona came down to visit me and we stayed at her family’s beach house in Laguna Niguel. To join us, a couple of our friends from back home also came down to see us and it was such a fun weekend reuniting with the friends that I have missed so much! Although I’m not completely an introvert, I also wouldn’t think of myself as too much of a extrovert and this project definitely didn’t really come natural or easy to me. Me and my friends drove up and down the streets of San Clemente, waving and singing to people. This was such a fun thing to do because it was so funny to see the different reactions of all of the people. The young kids walking the street seemed to have way more fun with it, being goofy right back! Some of the adults would ignore us, probably thinking we were unruly teenagers being annoying, but there was that adult that came every once in a while that would just get a huge smile and wave back. I took a video of us doing this but for some reason it will not load. I will keep trying but I have posted screenshots from the video in case I am not able to upload it.

We pulled off into a parking lot to get something to eat, finding a dominoes pizza delivery guy in that same parking lot getting gas in which we had waved too earlier on the car. My friend started talking to him and somehow ended up with his dominos car sign! LOL! It was a lot of fun this weekend being extra goofy with my close friends to be a part of The Mina Show!


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