Week 4 – Classmate Interview- Kat Pismenny


When Kat asked if she could interview me this thursday, I instantly thought that her face seemed familiar but had just assumed it was from seeing her in class and around campus. As we got to talking we realized that we had in fact met before! At the beginning of the semester we had both rushed to be in a sorority and were in the same rush group, she even drove me around to all of the houses one of the days! As we got to talking more, I realized she was roommates with a girl that I had met last semester! What a small world huh? We also discovered something that we had in common was our strange love for the show Intervention. I have never met another person my age who has watched that show for years and is obsessed with it as I am!

While talking to Kat it was obvious how passionate of a person she was. When asked to describe herself and how she would want the world to view her, she lit up explaining her many aspirations. She said when meeting new people she always tries to come off as very open and welcoming, making sure to always be happy and friendly. She described herself as very casual and easy to talk to, she said that she could talk to anyone about anything which I can definitely believe after our little chat. While talking with Kat, she told me how much she values education and wants to be like ‘Barbie”… not in the looks department but just in the way that Barbie goes from being a doctor to a gardener to a pet groomer— so many different life experiences! She explained that she wants to learn and do as much as possible because simply why not?! Which I think is a super important attitude to have to get the most out of this life as you possibly can. She is a journalism major right now but is looking to switch to nursing in the future.

Kat is from all over the place; Northern California, Maine, and most previously Missouri! I asked Kat if she’s having trouble being so far away from home and she said not at all, she loves it here! This was insane to me because I’m from Orcutt which is only 3 hours away and I find it impossible to be away from home and my family! I’m jealous of how confident she is in her choice to attend Long Beach and how independent she has become in her short time here at just 18 years old!


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