Week 4 – Artist Interview- Makaila Palmer





Makaila Palmers series of paintings are based on the euro bills which I find very interesting and creative of her. While listening to her talk about her paintings you can sense how passionate and proud she is of them which I would be too if I had creative such beautiful pieces of art! Each of her paintings is so colorful and really made me want to see the different places represented in her art pieces for myself! She claimed that if you pay attention and look closely at her paintings you can actually find numbers within her painting. When I went back to get a better look, I did infact find the numbers after a few moments!

My favorite part about Makaila’s paintings was the fact that they clearly portrayed beautiful landscapes of beautiful places but did not consist of any sharp or exact outlines. It appeared to me to just be many different colors painting vaguely to create a relaxed image. My favorite painting was her oil on canvas of Venice. I absolutely loved the purple colors used in the bottom half of the painting and then the subtle contrasting colors in the top half representing the buildings. It was very, very pretty. Also, I have always dreamed of traveling to Europe, Venice being one of the main places I would like to see and visit in my lifetime.


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