Week 3- Social Photography





I found that this week’s project connected to alot of the students. Most kids in this generation not only have an instagram account but use it excessively. It’s often said how much today’s youth relies on social media and may even be addicted to the social medias of today such as instagram, twitter, snapchat, facebook, etc. By using something that we are all familiar with as a project to express and display a typical day was a great idea! It was fun to find and think of the different pictures you could post to properly describe your day. I posted a picture of myself with a class mate, Josh Denz during his art interview, my friend scavenging through a rack at a local thrift shop, a quote that I especially liked, and a picture of my favorite food! (In N Out). I thought these images did a pretty good job to get a little look in the average day of my life.

While looking at all of the other posts under the hashtag, #art110s15, I found that most of our days dont really differ too much from one another. A lot of the posts I could recognize as being at school and on campus which is definitely relatable to every student due to the fact that going to school is such a huge part of our lives right now. There were also a lot of selfie posts which I think is a very accurate representation of instagram and how it is used by my generation! Along with selfies, there were a lot of posts of food which is a very important part of every college student’s life! It was super fun to take a look at posts of things that are important to my classmates and realize that we all have a little bit in common but also to see the many different pictures that people decided to post to show how different each one of us is!


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