Week 3- class mate interview : Kevin Nguyen


Today I met a new friend by talking to one of my class mates. I met Kevin and again, this week proved that the classmate interviews really aren’t all that scary! Kevin approached me at the very beginning of class and we started talking about our families! We both come from pretty big families and found that our siblings are really close in age! He still lives at home because he lives close enough to commute every day so he was surprised to hear how much I miss being away from my younger siblings since he is still living with them! We also found that CSULB was both of our second choice because we were not accepted to our first choice but he loves it here so far! Kevin is a second year and I told him what a hard first year of college I have been having. I expressed how homesick I am and how making good friends has not been as easy as I had expected. He shared that his first year was a lot like that also and assured me that it does get easier by the second year which was very reassuring to hear.

Kevin has grown up in the L.A. area his whole life so he thought it was funny when I told him how big and scary I thought long beach was, coming from an extremely small town and close community. Kevin is a computer science major and wants to use that to develop and help create new apps, that was super cool to hear alot about because of how different that is than any of the classes I am taking and from what I want to do in my future. When I told him how I think those kinds of classes would personally bore me, he couldn’t disagree more because that’s what he loves to do! It’s so awesome going to school with all kinds of people with such a huge variety of aspirations and goals.


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