Week 3- Artist Interview : Josh Denz





I was super stoked when I realized that Josh Denz, the artist that I heard speak about his work, was the artist of the painting and drawing that I had found especially interesting. His drawing of the man drinking alcohol with a bunch of stuffed animals around him was the first piece that really caught my eye and my attention. When explained this drawing of the drinking party with stuffed animals he explained it as a more interesting take on figurative drawing. He said that when a lot of people see this drawing, they ask him if he is lonely due to the fact that he is drinking alone with stuffed animals instead of actual people. He laughed when he was telling this story because he was explaining that that is not what he meant by the drawing, he likes draw/ paint through humor and imagination rather than just getting straight to the point and copying real life images that are familiar and recognizable to majority of the public eye. I found it interesting that the man in the drawing also resembled himself although I’m not exactly sure if that was his intention. I liked the fact that he chose to decided to use all neutral colors in his drawing of the man at the drinking party with stuffed animals because I think any more color would have gotten in the way and taken away a lot of the humor that Josh Denz meant to express in this drawing.

Another piece of art that Josh had in the gallery for display was a painting of himself and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was actually sitting right next to him during the interview, so I personally loved seeing them together in real life and then going back and taking another look at his painting of them and how he expressed and wanted others to view them. First of all, it amazed me that this painting was his first painting because it was seriously SO good. Second of all, it amazed me how spot on he was reflecting him and his girlfriend with paint. You could tell right away that it was a portrait of the two of them. In the background of this painting there are various stuffed animals which I found showed a relation and connection between his painting and his drawing! When asked how long this painting took, he said that it took about 23 hours where as his drawing took around 8 hours. I have so much respect hearing how much time this artist put into his work because I think it shows an extreme amount of patience, passion, and obviously alot of talent!


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