Week 2– Classmate Interview– Alayna Grapel


I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous going to class today. Since it was our first day outside of the lecture classroom, knowing that we were going to have some socializing to do made me a little anxious. Knowing barely anyone on campus, and literally no one in my classes, it can be a tad uncomfortable meeting new people by having a required conversation with them. I started out the class period by checking out the art galleries and listening to what the artists had to say about that work. While doing so, a girl introduced herself and we started chatting. Her name is Alayna Grapel and it turns out that we had actually some things in common. She switched from being a dance major last year to studying liberal arts and I am also in the liberal arts departments studying psychology. We also discovered that we had both grown up dancing and spent most of our life doing it. It even turned out that she even knew a good friend of mine from my high school that is a dance major here at CSULB. We talked about where were from and our hobbies. Turns out that we both love going to the lake back at our hometowns.
Alayna is a second year here at CSULB so it was also nice to get some feed back from her about leaving the dorms and life after the first transitional year of college. I’m not really sure what my plan is for next year, if I’m going to continue my four years here at CSULB or transfer to somewhere closer to home so hearing her perspective and her personal experiences was very helpful and good to hear. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to sit together next class. This first class mate conversation definitely made me feel a lot better about the weeks to follow and has me looking forward to meeting many more of my fellow art 110 students !


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